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 Reframing the Progressive Agenda

How can the debate on the economy be reframed around the things that really matter – people and the environment?

Does Modern Monetary Theory hold the key?

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Professor Bill Mitchell

Reframing the Progressive Agenda

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Warren Mosler RT's Boom Bust Dec 2014

Part 1: 

Part 2: 


"A Court of Economic Injustices" by Natalie Brown Dec 2014


Marshall Auerback INET interview with James K. Galbraith Nov 2014


Marshall Auerback INET interview with Bill Black Nov 2014


Stephanie Kelton RT's The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann Oct 2014


Warren Mosler RT's Boom Bust Sept 2014


Stephanie Kelton Debate with Joseph Haslag: "Does More Government Help or Hurt" Sept 2014

Complete video:


Jan Kregel, L. Randall Wray, and Éric Tymoigne Minsky Perspectives and Proposals to Improve Stability in the Financial System, Session 5 Aug 2014


Stephanie Kelton The Matthew Filipowicz Show Aug 2014


Stephanie Kelton Conference of the American Legion Boys State of Kansas Aug 2014


Stephanie Kelton The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow @Netroots Aug 2014


Randy Wray on Thom Hartmann (radio) May 27, 2014


Stephanie Kelton Majority Report with Sam Seder May 2014


Stephanie Kelton Thom Hartmann April 2014


Marshall Auerback RT April 2014


Stephanie Kelton Augustana Symposium:Turn that Frown Upside Down April 2014


Warren Mosler API Torino March 2014 5 parts


Warren Mosler TG3 Calabria TV Interview March 2014


Warren Mosler University of Bergamo March 2014Part One: Two: Three: Four:


Warren Mosler Interview with Euro Truffa March 2014


L. Randall Wray Interview with Euro Truffa March 20146 parts:


Warren Mosler, Andrea Terzi, Stefano Lucarelli, and Riccardo Bellofiore March 2014


Stephanie Kelton Real News Network March 2014


L. Randall Wray Thom Hartmann Feb 2014


Warren Mosler RT America's Boom and Bust Feb 2014


"Paul Krugman, Let Me Explain" by Joe Firestone. Video by Hitesh Panchal Feb 2014


Warren Mosler in Italy Jan 2014:


"Diagrams and Dollars" by J.D. Alt. Video by Trixie Jan 2014


Pavlina Tcherneva "Modern Money and the Job Guarantee" Jan 2014


Bill Mitchell "Framing Modern Monetary Theory" Dec 2013

Narrated slide presentation:


L. Randall Wray INET interview w/ Marshall Auerback Dec 2013


Stephanie Kelton Thom Hartmann Dec 2013


L. Randall Wray Rethinking the State Dec 2013


"A Bad Day For Informed Debate" by Bill Mitchell. Video by Alberto Veronese. Nov 2013


Marshall Auerback INET Interview with Jan Kregel Nov 2013


"What Does the Owl Say?" Stephanie Kelton's MMT Coloring Book. Video by Alberto Veronese Nov 2013


New Economic Perspectives on the Government Budget, Deficits, and Debts by UMKC grad students Nov 2013


Stephanie Kelton Nov 2013


Warren Mosler Italian Parliament Nov 2013


Pavlina Tcherneva Rethinking the State Oct 2013


Pavlina Tcherneva w/ others MM&PP 8 Sept 2013


Warren Mosler at UMKC Aug 2013


Marshall Auerback INET Interview of Charles Goodhart Aug 2013


Warren Mosler INET interview w/ Marshall Auerback July 2013


Warren Mosler v. Robert Murphy (MMT v. Austrian Economics) June 2013


John Henry EPIC interview June 2013 6 partspart 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)


Marshall Auerback Matterhorn Interview May 2013


Scott Fullwiler w/ others MM&PP 6 April 2013


Warren Mosler Zurich Speech "The Euro Past, President, and Future" March 2013


Marshall Auerback, Stephanie Kelton, and Bill Black EPIC Interview March 2013


Warren Mosler EPIC Interview March 2013


L. Randall Wray Thom Hartmann March 2013 6 parts


Stephanie Kelton Thom Hartmann Feb 2013


Michael Hudson Thom Hartmann Feb 2013


Marshall Auerback Thom Hartmann Feb 2013


Stephanie Kelton on Chris Hayes MSNBC Jan 2013


MMT Movie: Economics for Dummiez by Trixie Jan 2013


L. Randall Wray "The Return of Full Employment" Dec 2012


Stephanie Kelton RT's Capital Account Dec 2012


Pavlina Tcherneva INET Interview Dec 2012


"The Financial Crisis: Europe and the US" video by UMKC grad students Dec 2012


Stephanie Kelton Majority Report Nov 2012


Stephanie Kelton "Fiscal Cliff" & The Economy CSPAN Nov 2012


Jan Kregel and John Harvey MM&PP4 Nov 2012


Warren Mosler Interview @ Rimini II Oct 2012


Mat Forstater Interview @Rimini II Oct 2012


Marshall Auerback and Yanis Varoufakis MM&PP 3 Oct 2012


L. Randall Wray @Modern Money Network - "The Way a Sovereign Currency 'Works'" Sept 2012


Warren Mosler and Stephanie Kelton MM&PP 2 Sept 2012


L. Randall Wray and Michael Hudson MM&PP 1 Sept 2012


Scott Fullwiler MMT-MCT Institute Seminar July 2012


Bill Mitchell "The Need for Full Employment" July 2012


Warren Mosler at Occupy Dallas June 2012


L. Randall Wray Capital as Power Forum: Keynote Address April 2012


L. Randall Wray RT March 2012


Stephanie Kelton Rimini I Feb 2012Feb 25: 26:


"Chartalism- Fiat Money System Explained" video by Kerry Fritz II Feb 2012


Stephanie Kelton Luther College Oct 2011


Pavlina Tcherneva At Issue with Ben Merens Oct 2011


Marshall Auerback Bloomberg TV Sept 2011


Mat Forstater at Howard University 2011.


L. Randall Wray Real News Network May 2011


Warren Mosler Fox Business News May 2011


L. Randall Wray KUOW 94.9 fm March 2011Part one: two:


Eric Tymoigne "Responding to the Financial Crisis" Feb 2011


"Debt and Deficit in a Nutshell" by Tschaff Reisberg  Nov 2010


L. Randall Wray Crash Course on Minsky June 2010


1st Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In and Counter-Conference April 2010


Warren Mosler CNBC April 2010


Warren Mosler interviewed by Mike Norman Hard Assets Nov 2009


L. Randall Wray and Bill Mitchell "Modern Monetary Theory" 10-parts May 2009 v=4Ap0ymmVlwA


Other Videos:


Bill Black Real News Network Jan 2015


Fred Lee Last Graduate Lecture May 2014


Perry Mehrling "Fundamentals of Shadow Banking" March 2014


Marc Lavoie 2014 Stock Flow Consistency Modeling Workshop March 2014


Marc Lavoie "Essentials of Heterodox and Post-Keynesain Economics" March 2014


Bill Black Ecuador's Gama TV March 2014


Bill Black "How To Rob A Bank" TedxUMKC March 2014


Bill Black Jan 2014


Edward J. Nell "Europe Not In a Debt Crisis, It's An Austerity Crisis" Jan 2014


Edward J. Nell "The President and Republicans Are Both Wrong on Deficit Reduction" Dec 2013


JFK Yale University Commencement (June 11, 1962). Video by Alberto Veronese. Nov 2013


Rob Parenteau AllianzGI Nov 2013



Saving for Medicare today is like wearing a sweater in August to save warmth for January. 1 min clip


Bill Black CNBC July 2013


Mariana Mazzucato "Government — investor, risk-taker, innovator" Ted talk June 2013


Warren Mosler Downshift Interview June 2013


Bill Black, Mike Norman, and Lynn E. Turner MM&PP 7 May 2013


Frank Newman "Six Myths That Hold Back America- and What America Can Learn From the Growth of China's Economy" March 2013


Rob Parenteau AllianzGI Investors Feb 2013


Bill Black Extracts from Huffpost "Wall Street uses Third Way to lead its assault on Social Security" Nov 2012


Bill Black CNBC Aug 2012


Michael Hudson German interview July 2012


Bill Black Fox Business News July 2012


Ben Bernanke to Ron Paul July 2012


Bill Black Chris April 2012


Bernard Lietaer "La MMT ha ragione" April 2012


Bill Black Rimini I Feb 2012Part one: two:


Bill Black "Detecting, Investigating, and Documenting Fraud" Feb 2012


Bill Black Democracy Now Jan 2012 Part one: two:


Bill Black "Criminogenic Environments, Bubbles and Financial Crises" Dec 2011


Bill Black at Occupy LA Nov 2011


Bill Black at Occupy Wall Street Oct 2011


Fred Lee at Occupy KC Oct 2011


Stephanie Kelton wins Hallmark contest Jan 2011


Ben Bernanke 60 Minutes Interview with Scott Pelley Dec 2010


Bill Black House Financial Services Committee April 2010


Rob Parenteau July 2009


Bill Black Bill Moyers Show April 2009


Alan Greenspan to Paul Ryan March 2005


Alan Greenspan to Ron Paul February 2004


Stephanie Kelton PodcastsWith Fred Lee April 18, 2014


With Randy Wray February 27, 2014


With Bill Black and Randy Wray October 21, 2013


With Max Skidmore October 2, 2013


With Randy Wray September 23, 2013


With Warren Mosler September 4, 2013